Bibb Co. crime lab gets a drug terminator

November 5, 2015 From WMAZ

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BIBB CO. — Working to build a better and safer county, the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office crime lab burned more than 100 pounds of illegal drugs on Thursday with a new device.

They call it the drug terminator. It burns marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, among other things.

Melanie Hofmann with the forensics unit said the lab used to take the drugs to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s lab in Atlanta once a month, but that kept their evidence room full. Now, they can dispose of the drugs at the Macon lab. Hofmann said it’s a clean, environmentally friendly burn.

“Once the cases are adjudicated, you have to get rid of the drugs and you can’t just flush them down the toilet,” she said. “You have to either incinerate them at the GBI, or we’re using the drug terminator now.”

Hofmann says the terminator cost the sheriff’s office around $4,000.