ELASTEC Drug Terminator Applications

The ELASTEC Drug Terminator evolved from Elastec/American Marine’s SmartAsh Cyclonic Barrel Burner, an alternative to the open barrel burning of trash. Since the ELASTEC Drug Terminator’s introduction, it has been sold to customers in at least 37 states in the United States, as well as in Canada, Iraq, Hong Kong the Maldives and other applications around the world.

Law enforcement agencies, the military police, drug task forces, Customs and Border Protection, universities, pharmaceutical companies, drug take-back programs, coroners’ and prosecutors’ offices, solid waste entities and medical marijuana facilities are finding the Elastec Drug Terminator to be a convenient, responsible and safe way to dispose of evidence drugs Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and other non-hazardous substances.

The White County Sheriff's Dept. Will Be Hosting An IAPE Evidence Management Class At Elastec
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