EPA Certifications for Air Emissions

The major issue with the acceptance of waste incineration has been the issue of air pollution.

The waste incineration industry has stringent requirements for air emissions and residue disposal regulations.

Each state and county has its own environmental protection regulations which may vary from U.S. EPA mandates. It is recommended that state regulations are reviewed before purchasing a Drug Terminator.

21 CFR Parts 1300, 1301, 1304, et al. Disposal of Controlled Substances; Final Rule

Some states, such as Illinois, are passing legislation allowing law enforcement to use portable incinerators to dispose of collected drugs. Illinois State Representative John Cabello (District 068), introduced House Bill 3152: EPA-Drug Destruction Device, to amend the State’s Environmental Protection Act to allow:
… drug evidence that is placed into a drug destruction device by a law enforcement agency at the location where the evidence is stored by the agency and that is destroyed under the supervision of the agency in accordance with the specifications of the device manufacturer shall not be considered discarded or a waste under the Act until it is rendered non-retrievable.

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The bill passed and went into effect July 16, 2015.

The Drug Terminator safely destroys drugs and narcotics with minimal emissions. Once the unit reaches an optimal temperature, the Easy-Feed Cartridge allows the user to continuously add content into the barrel without the threat of smoke and fumes contaminating the surrounding area.

40 CFR 60.2887 – What combustion units are excluded from this subpart

“(p) Units that combust contraband or prohibited goods. Your incineration unit is excluded if the unit is owned or operated by a government agency such as police, customs, agricultural inspection, or a similar agency to destroy only illegal or prohibited goods such as illegal drugs, or agricultural food products that can not be transported into the country or across State lines to prevent biocontamination. The exclusion does not apply to items either confiscated or incinerated by private, industrial, or commercial entities.”

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