ELASTEC Drug Terminator Specifications

The ELASTEC Drug Terminator is a portable incinerator for the disposal of evidence drugs, paraphernalia and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Drugs are safely destroyed by injecting them into a cyclone of fire with our patented Easy-Feed Feed Cartridge. Below is a list of specifications for the ELASTEC Drug Terminator.

Construction:Stainless Steel Lid, Painted Tubular Steel Frame


2-Blowers, Axial Vane 120v standard or 220v optional

Floor Space:36” x 26”
Weight:250lbs Assembled in wood crate with Drum
Average Burn Rate:50lbs/hr
Loader:Easy-Feed Cartridge (included)
Shipping Dimensions:ELASTEC Drug Terminator with Drum: 37”L X 30”W X 54”H