MediBurn Medical Waste Incinerator

In States requiring a two-chamber incinerator, the ELASTEC MediBurn medical waste incinerator is an option to the barrel-based Drug Terminator to dispose of illicit and expired prescription drugs. The MediBurn medical waste incinerator has a higher batch-load capacity than the Drug Terminator, and it is completely electronic.

“Truly about as efficient a disposal system as you can expect any community to want or desire.”

Sheriff Kenny Furlong, Carson City – Read More

Available in two sizes, the original ELASTEC MediBurn can dispose of up to 8 cubic feet (0.22 cubic meters) of infectious and pathological waste per load with a burn rate of 20 kg per hour. The ELASTEC MediBurn30 can dispose of up to 10.5 cubic feet (.3 cubic meters) of waste per load.

Elastec’s GSA contract number is 47QSWA19D0007.

The ELASTEC MediBurn measures just 82 inches (2 meters) by 34 inches (0 .9 meters) by 79 inches (2 meters). It is easily installed where electricity or a generator is available, and it can be moved to different locations with minimal effort. The Elastec MediBurn uses relatively little fuel, reducing the burned material to a small pile of ash.

“The ELASTEC MediBurn is simple to operate. Set it up, hook it to a generator or electricity, pour in diesel fuel, and it’s ready to run. It’s a good unit. It’s priced right. It does what it’s supposed to do. And it can do it pretty much anywhere.

Jeremy Pretzsch, Incinerator Sales Manager

Military services from several countries have purchased ELASTEC MediBurns, as well as other governmental agencies, the United Nations, Doctors Without Borders, healthcare facilities, corporations, even an order of Roman Catholic nuns…the list of MediBurn purchasers are long and impressive.

In arctic to tropical climates and in mountainous and desert terrains, Elastec MediBurns operate in more than 55 nations and territories around the world primarily for infectious medical waste. Law enforcement agencies are also finding the benefits of MediBurn to be a safe and affordable alternative to traditional drug disposal methods.

ELASTEC Drug Terminator is Convenient for Smaller Healthcare Facilities

For smaller healthcare facilities and States not requiring a two-chamber incinerator, the Elastec Drug Terminator is a cost-effective way to dispose of non-regulated medical waste. Healthcare facilities often spend more than is necessary to treat medical waste that is not defined as regulated. This can be a waste of financial resources and can contribute to an increase in the cost of healthcare.

Gloves, dressings and bandages, tubing, paper, plastic as well as non-hazardous drugs can be safely incinerated with the Elastec Drug Terminator. (Check local and state environmental and waste management regulations.)

Medical marijuana facilities are also finding the Elastec Drug Terminator to be useful in destroying plant residue and expired products.

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