Drug Terminator Portable Drug Incinerator

Evidence Destruction

The Drug Terminator is a portable drug incinerator designed for the safe and efficient destruction of prescription drugs or confiscated narcotics. It can be used to destroy evidence drugs, as well as, prescription medication collected during drug take-back programs.

The destruction of released evidence drugs and other non-hazardous waste found at illegal drug lab sites present unique challenges to law enforcement, military police and airport customs officials. The ELASTEC Drug Terminator can be used to destroy of released evidence drugs turning them into ash in a safe and efficient manner. Click here to find out more.

How the ELASTEC Drug Terminator Works

The Drug Terminator, a cyclonic, portable drug incinerator produced by Elastec, destroys illicit drugs and prescription drugs with a clean, smoke-free burn.

The system attaches to a 55-gallon open-head steel drum. Fueled with wood or charcoal, drug material is eliminated quickly and completely, leaving just one percent ash. Lightweight and easy to transport, it can be operated in remote locations or in municipalities.

The drugs destroyed are fed into the incinerator using a special Easy-Feed Cartridge once a wood fire is built up inside the drum. An intense whirlwind of fire is created by the high-velocity air blowers, rendering drugs and related materials in a non-retrievable state. Click here to find out more.

How the Elastec Drug Terminator incinerator works

Prescription Drug Disposal For Take Back Programs

The Drug Terminator is portable and can be used to dispose of expired or unused medication collected during prescription drug take-back programs. The incinerator burns drugs and related materials rendering them to a non-retrievable state in order to prevent their diversion to illicit purposes. This helps protect public health and safety. For larger programs, we also offer our MediBurn incinerator. Click here to find out more about medical waste applications.

Elastec manufactures drug drop-off boxes that can be used in conjunction with either our Drug Terminator or Mediburn for take-back programs. The boxes can be set up at locations to collect expired and unused prescription drugs so that they can safely be incinerated. Our drug drop-off boxes can be painted or wrapped with graphics to suit the needs of your location. Each box has a lockable deposit door, retrieval door for emptying, and 4 bolt anchor holes in the base. Contact us for more information.

The System Burns:

• Prescription Drugs
• Unused Medication
• Methamphetamines
• Cocaine
• Marijuana
• Opiates

• Ecstasy
• Heroin
• Paraphernalia
• Lab Materials
• Sterilizes Metal (needles, pipes, etc.)

Contact Jeremy Pretzsch, Elastec Sales Manager, for a complete list of approved materials for burning in the ELASTEC Drug Terminator.