North Carolina Drug Terminator Incinerates Prescription Drugs on the Spot

Justin Ward,
POSTED: 07:10 PM EST Nov 05, 2014 UPDATED: 07:19 PM EST Nov 05, 2014


Next time you bring your unwanted or outdated prescription pills to Eden near Danville, they’ll be disposed of on the spot.

Rockingham County, North Carolina recently bought a Drug Terminator.

Later this week it will be located at the Eden City police department across the state line from Danville.

It is an incinerator that instantly burns the drugs instead of them going to a landfill or shipped away for disposal.

County leaders decided to do it on site to save money.

“We looked at the value of $4,300 spent on this particular piece of equipment versus the transportation and we found out it could pay for itself within a year’s time,” said Lance Metzler, the Rockingham County manager.

The county first urged people to dispose of prescription drugs through Project Lazarus eight years ago after a high number of deaths and injuries related to prescription drugs.

The disposal is open during business hours.

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