Mobile Incinerator Handy in Disposal of Old Evidence

October 24, 2014 From the Clay County Progress, Hayesville, NC

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office has been busy cleaning, according to a news release sent out this week. Oct. 1 marked the third occasion since Sheriff Vic Davis took office that old evidence, no longer needed by courts, was purged and disposed of from the evidence room. Previously, Davis held a sale of firearms that the courts ordered to be sold and proceeds turned over to the school system. More than $6,000 was raised at the sale.

A recent grant award received by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office fully funded the purchase of a mobile incinerator designed specifically for the destruction of narcotics and illegal contraband. The incinerator came at no cost to Clay County and was purchased for about $4,000. Unlike in other states where large scale-industrial incinerators are available, North Carolina does not have such locations. Earlier evidence disposal was accomplished with assistance of the Swain County Sheriff’s Office, the release said.

“I am very grateful to Sheriff Cochran for allowing us to not only safely dispose of some of our old evidence, but to participate in operating their incinerator, which is identical to the one we have purchased here,” David said.

The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Air Quality in Asheville has issued the Clay County Sheriff’s Office a non-permitting status letter, authorizing the use of the incinerator for law enforcement purposes.

“This allows for the safe and timely disposal of these dangerous materials and prevents the evidence room from becoming a storage warehouse for outdated evidence,” Davis said.

Davis also pointed out that this equipment along with a policy and procedure and added security to the evidence room. Additionally, pills recovered from the drop box and Pill Take Back program are destroyed along with the old criminal evidence.

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