States considering legislation for incineration of drug takeback programs

The ELASTEC Drug Terminator is a safe, efficient way to dispose of released drug evidence and medication collected during drug take back programs. The portable incinerator is currently used by police departments across the country to keep drugs off our streets and out of our water supply by reducing them to ash.
Legislation is being considered in California and Illinois that would permit law enforcement agencies to use portable incinerators, such as the ELASTEC Drug Terminator, to dispose of pharmaceuticals collected from community drug takeback programs. Although the Drug Terminator is in compliance with Federal EPA regulations, incineration is almost impossible in some states due to restrictive guidelines for medical waste disposal.
Since the DEA stopped sponsoring drug take back programs in 2014, many local law enforcement agencies have continued to collect unused medicines to keep their cities clean. The ELASTEC Drug Terminator is the most convenient way to destroy the collected drugs. If officers do not destroy the drugs on site, they must take them to a regional incineration facility with an escort, which takes times and costs money in manpower.
For more information on how the ELASTEC Drug Terminator can help with your disposal program, contact Jeremy Pretzsch.